Welcome to my online portfolio! Here you’ll find examples of my work in many different areas, as well as my own independent projects.


I am a Wayne State University graduate with a bachelors of Music Technology. I play the alto saxophone and spend most of my time recording sounds, creating electronic music, making sound effects, and playing video games. My dream is to be a sound designer in the film industry.

I am an audio engineer at Yessian Music in Farmington Hills, MI. I Assist in editing sound effects for theme park rides; produce custom sound effects; assist with voiceover recordings for commercials.

I Received a grant from Wayne State University to create a program in MAX/MSP called Smart Harmony, in which a monophonic signal can yield a predicted harmony based on parameters set by the user.

The blueprint that I am showcasing in the video (Unreal Blueprint Implementation video on the 'Portfolio 1' page is most certainly one that I am incr...

Unreal Blueprint documentation: Interactive VR Item

July 10, 2019


December 8, 2016

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